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Air Coil Nailing Machines

This category of machines are the most poweful ones, among all the exhibited machines inside both the ranges presented in this site, that is to say "YAOO" line and "ML" line, since they represent the dimensional interval of bigger fastener's dimensions used by them in the maximum limits, wire sections and lengths as their dimensional measurements expression.

They are discovered as very quick and incisive in their connecting capabilities of separated parts in solid structure, thanks to their possibility to choose and shoot in double mode, sequential or "bump" mode, very quick but approximate in fixing position, single shot or "trigger" mode, more precise but slower in execution.

Effectively, "fixing all the needed statement's points" inside an unsafe or floating structure, as a rapid quick way to consolidate and to give stability to that building system, is often the best offered working solution.

These gun devices use exclusively round-head wire-welded flat coil nails, standard wire welded nails pitch (distance between two collated nails), with 16 degrees of inclination by the vertical axis, with availability on specific demand of all the different versions nowadays existing, concerning the metal shank surface working, normally supplied with smooth shank surface.

The nail shank points that could be used on these machines are many and different: diamond point (four-faces, or heart point, the only proposed and supplied nail tip version in this site), flat point, chisel point, high penetration curved nose point (ogival, tempered or purposely treated), proposed in the opportunely dedicated section, named "Suitable consumer's products", identifiable by request also inside the site search engine white input frame (activating, by clicking it, the search button named "Go!" on the right top area of the web site home page, after having edited almost a code or a part of them).

The shank wire diameters, that can be supplied inside this site, are included in the range starting from 2.1 mm, as the minimal accepted diameter dimension, up to 3.8 mm., in the maximum magazine possible to be loaded length, but here offered for trading reasons only from minimal diameter of 2.1 mm. up to maximum diameter of 2.9 mm., suitable each one, accordingly to their possibility, in one of the 57 mm, 65 mm, 90 mm three machines versions.

All these three models are equipped with the safety contact device on the nose of the tool, to be pushed on the working surface to enable the activation, by means of the trigger, of the driving cycle of the air machine gun, conforming, in this way, to the CE antinfortunistic prevention rules about safety devices on that fastening power class air tools.


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