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Manual mechanical hammer tackers

This category of manual with spring hand driven stapling machines, are functioning by direct impact with all the tool's body on the working surface to be fixed.

The exit and consequent fastening action of the metallic wire staple happens caused by the inertia impressed by same tool body on the driving device operating the fixing process, inertia transferred at the moment of the shock consequently by the crash on the working surface.

They are useful for all those usages in which it has to be done a blockage of a rather thin and light surface, normally a paper sheet or a plastic one, textile or nylon, normally on wood material surfaces or with similar consistence.

They combine the repeated extreme application rapidity needs, with a not excessive fixing point precision, given by the not well achivable positioning direction of the fastening staples on the right-angled whole surface to be fixed, on the wooden support in the quickest possible way.

This because the impact system of these guns is a dinamically performed staples driving action, instead of a at first statically accurate fixing targeted pointing, positioning the shooting staple exit on the chosen area to be worked and then statically fired on it.


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