"ML" Machines Line
Pneumatic bradders
Pneumatic Staplers
Pneumatic T-Nailers
Electric cord-feed tackers
Manual tackers (mechanical with spring)
Portable top carton closing hand staplers
Manual mechanical hammer tackers
"YAOO" Machines Line
Suitable Consumer's Products
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"ML" Machines Line

This line is characterized, inside this site, mostly, in its chromatic external appearance, by a cyan and black painting, in different parts of the machine, or also by a yellow and black painting, with a whole considered pleasant esthetic result.

These machines, inside our "YAOO" line, are distinguishable by a traditional classic design of essential type, simple but very functional.

In fact, they seem to be particularly appreciated for their good functionality and low vibration, free by the recoil on their pefect balance on the handle, protected by a slip-proof rubber grip.

With their easy and firm grip, without problems of accidental release of the machine handle by the operator, it will be avoided, in this way, the consequent risk, both for tool's integrity, for the material objects on which it should have been performed the fixing action, and for the same operator's protection, or eventual third parties and animals, being near the working area.

It has been also considered noteworthy their functioning facility, with an intuitive activation and a comfortable usage mode, conforming to the prescribed rules to prevent working accidents, described also inside the purposely made section of this site, named "Precautions note".

All these machines are, in fact, equipped with safety devices against accidental firing, conforming to the European armonised rules for the safety and integrity on the work place (with apposition of the "CE" mark label).

Also the machines of these line are by us assisted, in case of breakages or malfunctioning conditions, either being them caused by operator's usage mistakes or occurred through an accident or an unusual wearing, given by their massive heavy duty employment.

The assistance will be performed: either by direct spare parts supply to the clients, or firstly by qualified personnel through a tool inspection and test.

It will be done in short time a problem evaluation, communicating to the customer the foreseen expected global intervention cost, to be eventually debited for the assistance to the demander, after that, upon eventual confirmation reception, it will be ultimated the repairing job.

The request will be accepted according to the following common normal conditions:

- through the e-mail telematic channel by e-mail message transmission with coordinates of the demander, to one of our indicated e-mail addresses;

- through the sending of a fac-simile request directly to our factory fax number;

- by ordinary air post envelope, through letter addressed to our operative trading headquarter, located in Bazzano (Bologna), Italy, as indicated on this web site;

- by phone, directly to one of our English speaking operators, at our trading headquarter's indicated phone number, where it can be agreed the eventual delivery of the machines to be inspected, being unchanged the normal task assignment and debited costs acceptance confirmation mode, assigned for the execution of the estimated charge value for any analysed machine.


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