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Universal Air Driven Machine "two-in-one"

Macchina fissatrice pneumatica universale 2-in-1
This universal tool's range has been realized, on this line, only in a unique pneumatic version as a "2 in 1" type, in the maximum fixing length measurement depth of 50 mm., Abstracting speaking, in fastening language, the multisemantic "two-fastening-speeches" devices, appointing alternatively "two at the same unit" sharp notes in two different "blitz glances" ways, at once.

Such driving depth, with a fastening action of 50 mm. into the material to be worked, will result possible to be fixed with this machine, via a single shank shape or a double shank fastener type indifferently, by means of the employment of our patented application, inside its internal parts, named "slide away groove" driving system, created and adopted to permit "multitask" composite fixing activities operations, in this case, of bivalent type.

All what described has been realized without regulations or substitution of external accessories or additional parts on the universal air driven machine.

This machine appears, moreover, well proportioned in its encumbrance entity, well balanced and of rather high fixing power, in comparison with its weight, with a further characteristic of easy loading and removal of the alternative accepted fixing elements into and from the tool magazine site.

This is equally correct, in fact, in both these two series, thanks to the undifferentiated use of the same identical tool so as it is, that is to say, either the related monoleg type (headed brad), and the binary bridged wired dual leg version (staple).

Its project's characteristics are conforming to the CE safety antinfortunistic standard rules, realizing at the same time also a remarkable usage comfort.

All what described has been made possible because this machine is equipped with an ergonomic rubber grip, besides the prescribed contact safety touch probe device, needed, contextually with the trigger pulling, to enable the machine to the driving function, conditioned in this way to the allocation of the machine shooting exit tip point on the working surface, pushing on it.

All considered, the aesthetic of this machine is rather well finished and accurately realized, with a strongly-experienced solidity and a compactness which makes this machine a high performance and a light excellent tool at the same time, with rather good continuous fixing results, both on fastener-injectable medium hardness materials and also on high density fiber's woods or similar substances with higher hardness' degree conditions.


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